Red Letter Day For Christian Concourse

The old website of Christian Concourse Ministries passed away yesterday evening and the the new website took its place as the primary source on the world-wide-web for our nursing home ministry materials and resources. This is, indeed, a very important step for us! It has been over two months since we started the rewrite.

We have completely transformed our focus to be exclusively on the long-term care ministry arena. This does not mean we have ceased our embrace of the areas covered by our former website; things like the “Good News of Jesus Christ” or “Christian Unity” or “Bible Study” or “Christian Original Writing” or “Prayer.” What it means is that all of our prior categories and areas of information and attention are being brought to bear in the missionary field of nursing home ministry.

The segment of our neighbors who are elderly and infirm is growing. The population of the United States, and the greater proportion of the rest of the world, is rapidly aging and living longer. Because of improved medicines and more rapid response times, younger individuals who have suffered severe diseases and injuries are thankfully surviving in greater numbers – but they are in need of special help. Some form of accommodation of these facts is in order for the Christian community to consider.

We do not profess to have all the answers, but we do know that new initiatives and fresh focus is in order. It would seem obvious that the younger population within the Church of Jesus Christ are on the edge of discovering the rich harvest awaiting them in care centers. It is our prayer that many in Christ’s Body will heed the Master’s call and take the challenge to follow Him to long-term care settings all over the world. As we are obedient, the need is met. All across the world the Church is involved in many forms of helping those who cannot help themselves. Certainly, much is being done by some, and for this we must praise the Lord. But it seems plain to us that the scale of need in long-term care is advancing faster than the response of God’s people.

It is important to note that the vast majority of elderly and infirm who need help with daily activities to survive are living in private homes. They are being cared for primarily by family and sometimes by friends. So there is the traditional need in care facilities AND that in private homes. It is the Church who has the answer to assisting with these age-old concerns: Visiting the fatherless and widows in their affliction is pure and undefiled religion. See James 1:27

Let us refer you to our material for a Church Shut-In Visitation Program. This is one tool that can help local congregations to be proactive in addressing the visitation responsibilities of their parishioners. The program would involve the development of a small-group within the active members. The purpose should be clearly defined and specifically designed to actually meet the need of the elderly and infirm who are associated with the fellowship but cannot any longer attend services.

The “baby-boomer effect” has been talked about for several years now. Just about everybody concerned is informed on the subject. The issue is, what are we going to do about it? The “problem” is huge, especially if we ask ourselves what we can do as sympathetic individuals.

Well, we can pray…and listen when we pray. See if the Lord may bring something to your mind that you can do. See if He may be leading you to step out, within your means, in some practical way to help. Though it may seem small and insignificant, if you are obedient the Lord will multiply your “little” contribution.

So, these are reasons why we have changed our website; why we continue to conduct “church services” in nursing homes; why we send out our little booklets and CDs and DVDs; why we carry on to keep up the “business” side of the ministry of Christian Concourse. We would deeply appreciate it if you would join with us in your prayers for this great opportunity for ministry to the elderly and infirm around us.

Info: You may notice that this ministry note became the gist of our June newsletter.

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